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 ==== Put In ==== ==== Put In ====
-.....in ​progress FIXME+From Take-out bridge, follow Jordan Mainline for 2.4 km (it becomes Jordan Forest Service Road)Here on your right is the entrance to the gravel pitPark outside the gate (or inside at your own risk, if the gate is open we haven'​t been hassled)There is a trail leading away from the south-east corner of the gravel pit (its a little hard to find)It goes towards the east and leads down a steep embankment to #4. This can be used as an alternate put-in and skips the hardest drops.  
 +For the main put in continue up Jordan Forest Service Road. 600 m past the gravel pit, hang right at a fork. Follow for 750 m. Turn right onto an unnamed road. It goes through a clearing and then quickly becomes tight and surrounded by shrubs. Follow this jeep track until you get to a washout in the track. High clearance vehicles can make it through the first washout and continue on to a second washout that is impassable. Park here. Walk 50 m down the creek that forms the second washout and put in on the gravel bar.      
 ==== Character ==== ==== Character ====
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 {{vimeo>​28151150?​medium}} {{vimeo>​28151150?​medium}}
 ===== Other Resources ===== ===== Other Resources =====
   * http://​kayakrevelstoke.wordpress.com/​tag/​jordan-creek-race/​   * http://​kayakrevelstoke.wordpress.com/​tag/​jordan-creek-race/​
 +Dave Best has some great photos of #3 and #4 on the Jordan as well as KOA drop on the Illi Box.
 +  * http://​www.bestimpressionsphotography.com/​revy-kayaking/​

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