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Jordan River - IV

The Jordan is a staple run for local boaters in Revelstoke and the West Koots and is the site of an annual Jordan Creek Race. It gives a really good taste for creeking in the area, is a prime length for a fragmented day or multiple laps, and has enough excitement and tricky lines to entertain even the most seasoned experts. It contains a nice mix of short drops, boulder/bedrock rapids and a classic slide. All this, no more than 10 minutes from downtown Revelstoke…'s easy to see why it's the go-to run in this adventure rich zone!

There are six defined features ranging from class IV-V and a handful of nice read and run pieces of boogie water. These features are aptly named Number 1 through Number 6 (Maybe it's time to give there names a little more color?).

From the put-in, a slow float works it's way up to some boogie and then…..

Number 1: This is a really fun and somewhat tricky, two step drop. First timers may want to take a peek at this one, but for a confident boater its just as easy to see everything you need from the eddy at the lip of the drop. Immediately downstream is…..

Number 2: Get out and scout on the right. This is the burliest rapid on the run and is the most often walked. It consists of an entry hole followed by a manky looking slide. Portage right. Next is a nice piece of boogie followed by…..

Number 3: When you see an obvious horizon line and the river bends right at a headwall, eddy out on the left. You can scout the top piece by walking through a little rock arch. This rapid has three parts; entry chute, headwall and final ledge. The final ledge is an easy boof on the right, but it can be pretty sticky if you miss it. After #3 is a calm stretch that goes around a corner and out of the mini gorge into the sun at the crown jewel…..

Number 4: A perfect 8m slide! So much fun! Make sure to eddy out on the left at the bottom so you can walk up and do it again! There's more fun boogie and some shallow stretches for a half km, then it gorges up again……

The Slide at #4 during the Jordan Creek Race 2012

Number 5: This one seems to take the highest toll of swimmers as it culminates in a backed up ledge-hole that is sticky at the best of times and can become rather scary at really high flows. It's a very fun rapid all the same and has a decent spot to set safety on river right. Scout and Portage right. Just downstream is…..

Number 6: This one can be a bit of a mess and is just a steep little boulder flush down the middle. It can be styled though, for best results, scout. It's fun either way. Walking would be on the right and would be a bit tricky.

Some nice final boogie before the end of the gorge and the take-out bridge where you left some celebratory beers to refrigerate on the gravel bar. Time for another lap? Or maybe head over to the Illecillewaet Box canyon, another Revelstoke local goodie. There are many other classic creeks in the area, and many friendly locals keen to show you, so don't overlook it on your travels.

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Pool drop; Easy-moderate scouting; Moderate-difficult portaging; Bedrock rapids in a mini-gorge with moderate to difficult egress.

Length & Time

3.75km, Couple_Hours



Flow Information

Late July-September is standard season. You can catch it before it goes up in the spring and after rain in the fall. Generally gets too high during peak snow melt. Highwater is a bit relative, but one thing is for sure… don't want to go in there if its up to the banks. It may look inviting from the take-out bridge, but in the gorge there would be no stopping, scouting or portaging at river level, and the rapids would be fierce. There is no set gauge, visual or electronic so look to the photo for reference.

Reference Photo (View upstream from bridge): The rock lookers left of center in the photo is a good visual cue. If it is dry, than the run is on the low side of good or too low. If it has water just going over it, its a healthy medium and up from there. I would stay away from it if there was water going over the rock lookers right unless you know what your getting into.


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