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Illecillewaet <Insert province and class in title if applicable>

This is a classic run that, along with Jordan River, help to put Revelstoke on the map as a kayaking town. It is the definition of a quality after work run as you can paddle it right down to town and it can be run in 40 min once you know the lines. It can be paddled at almost any level, and is still fun when it is down at bare bones flows. High water is relative to what……………………..incomplete

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Run Information


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Put In

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Pool Drop, Box Canyon, Pushy River Running

Length & Time

4.5km, Couple_Hours


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Flow Information

Season: Any time it is clear of ice. Typically high during snowmelt season (May/ June). Source: Glacier fed river. Gauge: Standard Flows 20cms-70cms (IV); Moderate Flows 70cms-90cms (IV+); High Flows 90+ (V)



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