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Big Mountain Creek <Insert province and class in title if applicable>

Big Mountain creek is a read and run Class II+ run near Grande Prairie.

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Run Information


Leave Grande Prairie heading south on Resources Road. Once you go over an over pass with a gravel road underneath, turn right at the next road then a quick left. Take out is at the bridge over the wapiti.

Put In

Continue up the Forestry Road to 50m past km 28 sign there is a quad trail with flagging tape. Park there and follow the quad trail down to the river.


Small volume class II

Length & Time

10km, Couple_Hours


22ft per mile

Flow Information

Spring run off or after large amounts of rain. This river and be in for as little as a week if there is low snow pack.

You can get an idea if it's in if it looks like there is enough flow coming over a small gravel bar drop just upstream of the conflunce which you can see from the bidge over the wapiti river at the take out. The best visual is at the put in.




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