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 **UPDATED INFORMATION:​** @@meta.date@@,​ @@Updated information:​@@</​pagemod>​\\ **UPDATED INFORMATION:​** @@meta.date@@,​ @@Updated information:​@@</​pagemod>​\\
 +**UPDATED INFORMATION:​** 25/07/2016, On July 25, 2016.  There is a picnic table between the notch and the rock island. Right after the Notch when going around the rock island on the left side before you get to the diagonal tree in the water. ​ It was 12cms when I was there. ​ I think it is the same table that was pulled out in 2014.\\
 **UPDATED INFORMATION:​** 02/05/2014, This has now been removed!\\ **UPDATED INFORMATION:​** 02/05/2014, This has now been removed!\\

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