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Add RiverWiki Entry

A river can only be added if it is not already created in the database. Please avoid creating duplicate entries and if you feel you need to make changes to a river do that by directly editing the current entry in the guide.

  1. Fill in the following form, the new river will automatically be created based on the information you provide and then added to the database. Where required please use complete sentence and proper grammar. It shouldn't read like a text message. If you do not know certain information such as the 'Gradient' leave it blank and another user can fill it in later. The 'River Name' and 'Description' are required. For the 'River Name' please use the following format; 'River Name Section Paddled' with no ':' or other characters. For example 'Kananaskis River Upper Section'. Take a look at your newly created river by following the link provided to after pushing the 'submit' button. The next two steps are completely optional and a little bit trickier. An admin or more advanced user can complete them at a later date. That's it. Simple as pie.
  1. (Optional) Follow the instructions provided in your newly created river to add a map to it and videos or pictures.
  1. (Optional) Finally click “Edit This Page” link in the Commands box. On the bottom of the white textbox you will notice a collection of checkboxes representing different tags. Your new river entry will automatically be tagged with its class, location, time, and either creeking or playboating. You can add to this if necessary and select something like 'canoeing' because the river you added may also be suitable for canoeing such as the Lower Kananaskis River.


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