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Flow Trends Explained

One of the things I am always interested in as a paddler is not only the current water level but also whether the river is rising, falling or staying relatively stable. The idea behind the 2 trend columns is to provide this information at a glance so you do not need to click through to the gauge on the Environment Alberta website. It will likely take some time for me to tweak the percentage of change cut offs so I would encourage you to take the information with a grain of salt for the summer of 2012. Here is how it is currently set up:

The most current water level is compared against 3 different levels from the either past 36 or 8 hours and based on the percentage change in the flow the computer code spits out a graphic for the end user. Here are the current cutoffs I am using. As you will notice the percent change that I use is different for the 36hr timeframe and the 8hr timeframe. I may tweak these a bit in the future and will update this page if I do.

36hr Cutoffs

Percentage Change Result
Over +12%
+6% to +12%
-6% to -12%
Below -12%

8hr Cutoffs

Percentage Change Result
Over +6%
+2% to +6%
-2% to -6%
Below -6%

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