RiverWiki Maintenance

Maintaining the RiverWiki and the associated entries is perhaps the most frequent task that needs to be done as part of the overall website upkeep. Whenever new entries are added to the RiverWiki they usually require some amount of editing; at a minimum the river alerts and map section will need to be updated. I also try to make sure that the entries look good; fix small spelling mistakes and tidy up information. For instance if there is no information on the gradient (which there often isn't) then I write in “Unknown”. A professional presentation of the information will always result in increased usability and enjoyment for the end user. No one likes reading run on sentences with poor grammar.

Maintaining River Alerts

The river alerts section on the RiverWiki pages looks like this:

===== River Alerts =====

If this space is blank there have been no alerts posted for this specific river.\\ 

{{indexmenu>:riverwiki:alerts:active_alerts:bow_river|nsort tsort}}

Notice the line that starts {{indexmenu... and towards the end of this line it says “bow_river”. This is where you will need to put the creek or river name from the RiverWiki. So for instance if a user added a river called Awesome Creek then the last line in the river alert section would look like this:

{{indexmenu>:riverwiki:alerts:active_alerts:awesome_creek|nsort tsort}}

Once this is done you need to add Awesome Creek to the Add River Alert page. If you edit this page you will see a giant list partway down that looks like this:

select "River" "Ashnola River|Astoria River|Athabasca River|Bath Creek|Beauty Creek|Brazeau River|Bridge River|Bow River|Bull River|Cameron Creek|Cameron River|Canoe River|Castle River|Cataract Creek|Cascade River|Chilliwack River|Clearwater River|Crowsnest River|Dore River|Elbow River|Elk River|Fiddle River|Findlay Creek|Fraser River|Ghost River|...

What you need to do is add Awesome Creek into this list where it appropriately fits. In this case just after the Athabasca River. So you would end up with this:

select "River" "Ashnola River|Astoria River|Athabasca River|Awesome Creek|Bath Creek|...

You are done now. The river alerts will function properly for Awesome Creek.

Maintaining The Map

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River Alerts

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