Plugin Information

The following is a list of plugins used on this site and a rough approximation of where they are used and why. These plugins are all supported through the Dokuwiki core. This does not include the basic plugins that are included in any install of Dokuwiki. A complete list of Dokuwiki plugins can be found here.

Some plugins have settings which can be adjusted through: admin page–>configuration settings.

This plugin is used for blogging. For more info on how this plugin is implemented see the page on blogging.

This plugin drives the forms on the website to add rivers to the database and add river alerts to the system.

This plugin is used to protect against SPAM on forms and on the user registration page. Fairly straightforward.

Used to track river alerts as it lets you check for any recent changes to a page or namespace and display them as a list.

Used to display a list of pages within a namespace, basically a way to list rivers for us. This is a fairly powerful plugin that can be tweaked to show a variety of things such as the tags associated with the page, author, creation date, etc.

Provides discussion functionality for the blog.

River Alerts

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