Blogging 101

Blogging on PaddlingABC is unfortunately a bit more complicated than your average blog software and could look intimidating when you first look at it. If you are able to create a blog you will see a form at the end of the main blogging page that looks like this:

Put your blog title in here and click “Create this page”. You will now be looking at a basic editing page with a few tweaks. It will look something like this:

Notice things like

<div m1bloghead> and 
<faicon fa fa-lg fa-clock-o>March 16, 2014\\

DO NOT TOUCH THESE. The only things you ever need to edit or do are insert the blog text where it says “Blog Text Here” and “Image goes here, 600×150, original, no link”. The blog text should be pretty self explanatory and relatively simple to do. If you want to put a “Read More →” link into your blog then you need to insert two blank headers in a row like this:

====== ======
====== ======

Odd I know but hey it is the way it works.

As for images you will need one image that is exactly 600x150px in dimensions. This will act as the header image for the blog post. Insert it into the post where it says “Images goes here…” You will want to make sure you pick original size and no link when choosing options for how the image is inserted.

You can now save and you should see a blog post that is properly formatted and automatically posted on the front page of the site.

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