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Version 3.0

March 08, 2014 Eric Howey

Welcome to PaddlingABC v3.0! This has been a long time coming and is an exciting point both for me and for the future of PaddlingABC. There have obviously been many significant changes to the site architecture and layout. My hope with this newest iteration of PaddlingABC is for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, particularly when browsing on mobile or tablet devices.

The most significant change has been the transition to a responsive architecture for the site. This means that the site adapts automatically to your screen size. If you want to see this in action just grab the corner of your browser window and adjust your window size. You should see the site adapt and change its layout as your window gets smaller or bigger.

From a design standpoint I worked to simplify the site by deleting some features that were underused (i.e. weather radar) and emphasizing other features that users frequently access (i.e. river levels). I also tried to use a clean and minimal design language because the actual content of the site is what is most important.

In addition to the design and architecture of the site I have made a myriad of other small but meaningful tweaks and adjustments such as updating the help files and changing how river flow trends are calculated. Going forward my goal is to review and update all of the RiverWiki entries, update the Google map file and continue working on the code for live water levels from Environment Canada.

Thank-you for your patience with all of the changes happening to the site over the past two weeks. If you notice any bugs, errors or have suggestions please get in touch with me.

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