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-====== ​Kicking Horse River Festival 2015 Video ======+====== ​2016 Paddling Season Here we Come ======
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-<faicon fa fa-lg fa-clock-o>​June 262015\\+<faicon fa fa-lg fa-clock-o>​March 092016\\
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-I hope everyone has plans to get amongst ​it this weekend with the heat spell on it'wayJust wanted to share a video from the organizational team of the Kicking Horse River Festival this yearIt went off with great water levelsfoodpeople ​and maybe even a libation or 3.+As BC and Alberta emerge from an incredibly mild winter ​it is hard not to think about paddling right now.  The local crew around Calgary have been hitting up the Kananaskis with regularity, and I know many people out on the coast have been enjoying great water levels ​far east as the Chilliwack. 
 +I just wanted to touch base, say gday, and encourage people to stay involved with the site.  Add river descriptions,​ or simply make note when you see hazards that might be of use to people in your local paddling runs. 
 +Here is to a safeand amazing 2016stay tuned for lots of updates, upgrades ​and good stuff at Paddling ABC.
-Definitely a great event for the confident Class III/IV paddlers in the area.  We are definitely psyched to be involved with such a great grass roots festival 
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