Revelstoke Lake

Revelstoke Lake spans approximately 130 kms north to south spanning the distance between the Revelstoke and Mica Dams. It is in a stunning setting and trips can be taken from short jaunts to long multi day, self supported trips.

The lake is narrow and the shoreline steep and impressive. This is great for the feel and scenery, though makes access and egress challenging in an emergency situation



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Run Information


As per the put in

Put In

Take Highway 23 North (Mica Creek) from the eastern most set of traffic lights on the Trans Canada Highway. Drive approximately 8kms (shortly after you pass the impressive Revelstoke Dam) and there is a small unsigned road to a boat launch.


Beautiful, long and narrow alpine lake

Length & Time

130km, Couple_Hours, Multi-Day, Family Trip



Flow Information



No Gauge


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