Glenmore Reservoir

Glenmore Reservoir is located in urban Calgary, and is a part of the Elbow River system. It is actually a large dam used for the cities drinking water and flood control. It is a super popular place (and rightfully so) for all manner of watercraft, from kayaks and canoes to sailboats, rowing teams and more.

As of the time of writing (June 17th, 2015) SUP boards and inflatable kayaks ARE NOT PERMITTED on the reservoir.


River Alerts

Not applicable however the Glenmore Reservoir can sometimes be closed due to high water levels on the Elbow River. For information see:


Run Information


Generally done as a start where you finish kind of paddle. See Put in Details for boat launch

Put In

There are a number of access points:


Urban lake with good fishing and great paddling opportunities close to town.

Length & Time

Lake is 4.1 kms long, great for short outings and half day trips



Flow Information

NA - Sometimes there are closures due to water levels and other safety concerns. Check in at 311 or to check.




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