Findlay Creek (BC) - Lower V

Findlay Creek is located in the East Kootenays just south of Columbia Lake and the headwaters to the Columbia River. Findlay is one of the main tributaries to enter the Kootenay River before it first heads south into Montana. The season for lower Findlay is certainly early season in May or AFTER peak flows during the late summer. This run is often well blown out and too dangerous for most of the summer as temperatures and flows increase.

From the put-in a short trail leads down to Findlay Falls. This drop had a runnable right line in the past but has since become a logjam. The left main line of Findlay Falls is plain nasty at best.

After about 2+ kilometers of clear water and two notable drops, the run tightens up and picks up gradient. Two narrow pinches lead you to a third boof-pinch aptly named the Portal. Set between vertical walls and a difficult scout, the Portal can certainly gauge the level of the run. If the Portal appears too sketchy to run, the river flow is above recommended flow.

After the Portal things really start rocking out with many more drops and consequences if mistakes are made. The crux is now in a deep canyon where the gradient goes off through a mess of sharp limestone. In the steepest section, a 200 yard torrent requires technical moves through some tricky rapids followed by a big launch off a pourover of chunky boulders. The final exit rapid is a big sloping class V ramp best done hard left with your foot on the gas until you punch the main hole and enter the slide. This rapid is also portagable on river right. From here Findlay Creek bubbles down until it joins up with the Kootenay. The take out is difficult to spot so be on the lookout for the powerlines and a beach on the right.

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Run Information


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Takeout is best approached from the put in (see description below.

Just past Findlay Falls take a left turn on Skookumchuck forest service road and look for the power line road on the left which will take you to the takeout. A rough road follows the power line route but a solid vehicle is required. When the power line takes a direction change to the south, park in the grassy clearing overlooking the river and a steep bank below.

Put In

Take a right turn onto Findlay forest service road off of Kootenay highway 93/95 at the end of Columbia Lake if coming north from Invermere. The put-in for Lower Findlay creek is 5km up this road at Findlay Falls Rec site. The camping here is excellent and is a base for paddlers who might alternatively paddle Skookumchuk or Dutch Creek.


Steep pool drop creeking in a defined canyon.

Length & Time

approx. 9 km Expect a half day or more (3 - 5 hours) on the run


Flow Information

When - usually May and August before and after peak snow/glacial melt unless it is a low water season.


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